3 Reasons to Go Into Home Health Nursing

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Flexible Schedule

It does not matter if you pick Intermittent Visits or Private Duty, both of these are very flexible. There is nothing in the industry that compares. It doesn’t matter if you currently work full-time or part-time.

Do you only have a day available per week, or per month for that matter? Well, Home Health can work for you. Are you looking for days, PMs, or nights? Are you interested in short shifts? Are you looking for PRN work? Home Health is a good fit for near any situation where availability is limited.

Assignments Close to Home

The beauty of Home Health is that you only pick what makes sense to you. You can specify that you will only pick cases within a certain radius from your home. The distance can be five, ten, or twenty miles from your home. You set the distance.

One on One Care

You will get the opportunity to work with one patient at a time. Yes, you read that correctly, one patient at a time. This is certainly a beautiful concept.

This, of course, is not an exhaustive list, since there are other benefits.


Edward Lara, HR Director
American Home Health

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